Disabled portable toilets

As the name suggests these are portable toilets for people with physical disabilities. It is very important for everyone having an even to consider these disabled people. This type of portable toilets come with special features such as rails and handles and are not fixed so high. We have all this types of portable toilets. We always ensure that we have everyone in the society well cater for. This portable toilets weigh approximately 107kgs.

Main connection portable toilets

These type of portable toilets are mostly near a permanent toilet structure. They can be connected to a sewer line so that they are used just like the normal permanent toilets. You will mostly find them in construction sites where the construction may take quite some time before it’s completed. They are normally 115 cm length by 118 cm width and 235 cm height. We offer all these different types of portable toilets at very affordable rates.

Types of portable toilets

We offer a few types of portable toilets to our customers. They are quite similar but have some differentiating features, we always take our time in explaining to customers the different features and which of the portable toilets are most convenient for them.

Cold Wash

This type of portable toilets are the standard ones and most probably everyone has used them somewhere because they are the most bought and hired. You will find these type of portable toilets in events, parties, camps and even construction sites. They are approximately 90kgs with dimensions of 116.6 cm width by 121.5cm depth by 231.6cm height.

Hot wash

This type of portable toilets are similar to the cold wash ones in size and shape. The only difference is the fact that these hot wash ones can provide hot water, they are also fitted with larger wash basins forearm submersion. With these type of portable toilet electricity is a must. This hot wash portable toilets weight approximately 110kgs.

Advantages of Portable Toilets

Portable toilets come with a whole lot of benefits. Some of the benefits are;

Effectiveness and Convenience; using portable toilets during events, parties and even construction sites offers the best convenience levels. With these type of toilets there will be no need of having permanent toilet structures since the people there are just there for a certain duration of time. These portable toilets are also designed in such a way that they meet the needs of all the users. From adults, kids and even the disabled. This is an effective way to have a toilet that you won’t need to use for a long time. Portability- as the name suggests this type of toilets can be moved from one place to another. If one is holding events in different locations this portable toilets will be transported to the different locations with ease. Portability is very convenient especially for people who use these portable toilets in camping sites and other locations where there are no toilets.

Easy to use; it is very easy to use these portable toilets. Even if it is your first time using this toilets, everything is self-explanatory. With this portable toilet in events where maybe there are a few permanent toilet structures you are able to remove the traffic to such toilets in a very convenient way. Ease of use. Many venues that have traditional bathrooms may not have enough

toilets to accommodate crowds that may be present for a large event. Portable toilets fill in the gap and ensure that the traffic at traditional bathrooms is not overwhelming during a large event. With these portable toilets an institution is able to comply with authorities on the number of toilets that should be available in that facility compared to the number of people.

Portable toilets are also cost effective especially in large events as one cannot be able to have public toilets constructed for such events and then be left unused after the events are over. Most of the places where this events are done are hired property so one is not allowed to build any toilet there. Contact us for more information on this portable toilets.